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an online journal of writings from nights filled with starlight of a teenage artist with a messed up mind
I used to go and sit out on my driveway every night last summer. I would spend hours alone with my thoughts and the stars. Sometimes I would stay until dawn approached, and then I went inside to make a tea and settle into bed. I was never tired when doing this. There was a certain familiarity with it. I always smelled the same scent of wet grass from late night sprinkler runs, heard the crickets and other southern creatures chirping away, and saw the constellations gradually shift over my head. I always felt safe, even in the darkness. I would run down the street dancing and listening to music. Sometimes I would write; sometimes I would cry. But I never left the stars too early. I stayed with them because they stayed with me. Now is different though. I feel cramped and the air around me is tight. I am crying about different things. I rarely write. It is strangely quiet. It no longer smells like sweet rain, but of dirt and dead grass. And I can’t see the stars. They are hiding from me. Maybe it is because I left them when it got cold out. How do I tell them to come out for me? I have yet to stay out this summer to see the dawn. I don’t like being alone with my thoughts. I need the stars and their light. I am scared.

~The Stained Spectacle~, Out

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